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Eurozone Crisis for Dummies

Uncertainty about the Greek economy and whether Greece will be able to continue using the Euro as its currency have caused stock market gyrations lately. Why? First, what is the basic problem in Greece? In its simplest form, the problem … Continue reading

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I Am The Greenest Man in the World!

No, I’m not quoting Al Gore in the title of this blog post. I am speaking as myself. I just realized I am the greenest man in the world, and possibly the greenest person in the world. Sure, Al Gore … Continue reading

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Political Haiku

I have not been able to get excited about any candidate for president this election season. Maybe I am just getting too cynical in my middle age, but I have finally decided this is actually a good thing. They work … Continue reading

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Easy Lending Solves Overspending Problem?

Given: Financial markets are troubled by the poor fiscal situation of governments around the world as they are spending much more money than they collect in taxes. Find: What is the best way to improve financial market performance? Solution: Obviously, … Continue reading


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10 Things Evil Capitalists Really Think

This guy makes a lot of sense. I guess you can count me as an evil capitalist. Via Advice Goddess Blog.

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