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Lake Worth Rising

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has received 4.27 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. That is a record 24-hour rainfall for the month of January, and it has caused record flooding as well. Lake Worth has been a few … Continue reading

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Flight Review

I have a flight review today. They are required every two years, but I have not had one in 5 or 6 years. What gives? You can meet the requirement for a flight review by taking a check ride for … Continue reading

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Flying pictures from this weekend

Flew from Fort Worth to Brownsville this weekend and went to South Padre Island for sightseeing. There was a pretty good south wind – about 40kts at 3,000 feet – so the trip down took about 4 hours while the … Continue reading

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IFR – I Follow Railroads

Ok, not really. IFR, as the really old joke says is  I Follow Railroads. It really means Instrument Flight Rules, or, I can’t see anything outside my window, how am  I going to fly this airplane? By instruments of course. … Continue reading

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To Fly or Not to Fly

The skies are clear and temperatures are supposed to get above freezing today, so I thought I might go flying. But right now (8:30am) it is 23 degrees F, and it looks like the runways are still covered in snow … Continue reading

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Snow play

I have two dogs: a labrador retriever and a dachshund.  The labrador retriever loves cold weather and snow. The dachshund hates it. When I let them outside on these cold days, the lab stays outside and runs around the yard. … Continue reading

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