C-5 landing at NAS Fort Worth JRB

One of the things I like about living near an active military airfield is the opportunity to see many different types of aircraft in action. The video below shows a C-5 that was doing touch and go’s at NAS Fort Worth JRB a few weeks ago.


It is much more impressive in real life than in the video. You can feel the sound even more than you hear it. During the day, the sun gets blotted out momentarily as the C-5 passes over.

Even mowing the lawn is more fun around an airbase. On Monday night I was mowing the lawn. That took about 90 minutes. During that time, I saw the following aircraft types up close and personal: V-22, AV-8B, F-16, F-35, F-18, DC-9 and a B737. That is not that unusual here. OK, The V-22 is pretty rare here, but I see an F-35 at least once a week. The F-16, F-18, DC-9 and B737 are daily occurrences here.

What is an NAS Fort Worth JRB? It stands for Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserves Base. I guess that means that it is run by the Navy, but there are multiple armed services located there. At NAS Fort Worth JRB they have Navy (F-18’s), Marines (KC-130’s), and Air Force (F-16’s). They also share a runway with Lockheed Martin, hence the F-35. Because of that, you also occasionally see the CATBird flying around.

There is always something to look at.

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