Justice Served

I posted earlier about a break-in at my home over the holidays. A lot of electronics and flying gear were stolen, and I figured they were gone forever.

However, I got a call from a detective at the Fort Worth police department over the weekend, and they have recovered some of my stolen items. They arrested two people on suspicion of burglary, and among the items they recovered from the suspects was a Swiss Gear briefcase with some USB flash drives in it. One of the drives had data from my flying club on it, so the detective called a flying club member listed in the one of the files to see if they knew anything about this. The person he called is no longer in the club, but he referred the detective to the current club president, who knew all about my burglarly and quickly figured out whose items the police had recovered.

The detective called me and asked if I was missing a Swiss Gear briefcase and laptop, and if I was in the Six 4 A Six flying club. Of course, I was excited to hear they had recovered at least some of my stolen property. Then he began to describe the stolen laptop, a Sony Vaio asking for a login password for someone named Daugherty. Oops, that’s not me, and my stolen laptop was a Dell. Looks like they stuck someone else’s laptop in my bag.

The good news is I can go claim my property after the police finish cataloging the recovered items, maybe as soon as today. From the detective’s descriptions over the phone it sounds like they found my briefcase with at least some of the items contained in it and my flight bag with the headsets that were in it. They may have more of my property, but I will have to visually inspect it to see what they have. No mention of the two computers, television and other items that were stolen.

The other good news is that two people have been arrested for this. Don’t know if they were the ones that broke into my house or just intermediaries trying to sell stolen property, but either way I am glad they caught someone involved in this crime. Who knows, maybe now that they have someone in custody they can use them to track down more of the property.

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